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Installing TonicsCloud

There are several ways to install TonicsCloud, the faster way is by signing up through: https://tonics.app/customer/register

Once you have registered and verified your account, add a credit through: Billing (tonics.app):

Then Deploy an Instance: Deploying an Instance in TonicsCloud

If you are managing the domain in TonicsCloud: Point your domain to your instance

Once you have deployed your instance and you are sure that the domain is pointed or binded to the instance, then, all that is left is to deploy your static site.

Please use dnschecker.org to check if the domain is pointed to your Instance IP address

To create a container, click on the Cloud menu, and click Add Container (The Instance would have the name of your instance, your choosen name might be differ):

You would be presented the container form, please:

  1. Add the container name
  2. The container description (optional)
  3. In the Deployment Options, click Automations, choose TonicsCloud - Tonics Site(s), you can add as many as you want
  4. Add your domain name, and please don't start with http or https, e.g, it should not be https://example.com but example.com
  5. Add your email, in the solution, ensure CloudTonics is selected, the rest is generated for you automatically and it is recommened you leave the default except you know what you are doing offcourse
  6. If you want to install an existing Tonics installation, you can provide the archive file (optional for new Tonics)
  7. Scroll to the bottom of the page and hit Deploy Container, wait for the container(s) to get deployed and you are done.

Once the container is deployed, there is nothing left for you to do as everything is automated, both the port to use, or the Apps in the container, you can check the progress of the App by clicking Apps:

It would show you the progress, the automation should be done in  2 to 4 minutes, if you are deploying multiple TonicsCloud instance, the automation is done in parallel, meaning, it still shouldn't take more than 4 minutes for everything, good luck!

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