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Tonics - Blog

  • A Faster Router System in PHP - Part 2 (Improvement & Benchmarks)

    Welcome. This guide would build on part one of the Faster Router in PHP. Here is part one: https://tonics.app/posts/ff9af70984746b91/faster-router-php I'll provide answers to the common questio

  • A Faster Router System in PHP

    This is a high-level guide in my road-to-release category describing how I created a faster router library for Tonics CMS in PHP.  Please, note that I am posting this in the hope that someone so

  • TonicsCloud Update 4: DNS Manager Integration

    Here is another update on TonicsCloud progress, this is a short update with a quick demo. Some of the TonicsCloud components require that you point to the IP address (which can be extracted from the Cloud Instance in

  • TonicsCloud Update 3: Backgrounding The Background Process (Enforcing Law and Order)

    Here is another update on TonicsCloud, this update is packed with best practices on background processes (jobs) and how to maintain law and order between them.

  • Hire Me

    Hi, my name is Olayemi, some of my geeks call me Devsrealm, choose whatever soothes you. I am an independent software engineer that focuses on not only building something that scales but also spending

  • TonicsCloud Update 2: Deploying, Resizing and Signaling Instances

    Here is an update on the TonicsCloud project, I will be sharing some challenges I encountered, my workarounds, and ehm, just general progress with the TonicsCloud project, first, let's talk about the

  • Started TonicsCloud Project

    I have been thinking about how I could monetize Tonics, I ended up working on something I would like to avoid due to its complexity and security, which is cloud offering, well, those doing it do not h

  • TonicsAI - Integration of Generative AI (Chat, Image, etc.)

    This is another guide in Tonics Road To Release category, in case you don't know what it is, Tonics is a General Multi-Purpose Modular CMS, you can read more about its Architecture & Features

  • Tonics Architecture & Features (Quick Overview)

    In this post, I would share a quick overview of the tonics architecture, note that there are so many things to share about this project, I am only doing a quick overview as a way to warm-up, let's get

  • Running Long-Running Tasks in PHP: Best Practices and Techniques

    In todays guide on the Road To Release category, I am sharing some best practices and techniques I learnt while working on the daemon that manages Tonics Job and Schedule Manager.

  • Guide To Tonics Field Module

    I intentionally separated the Field Module from the user documentation because it is more high-level and geared toward power-user or extension builders. A field is a structure for holding data. We ca

  • Tonics Acknowledgment

    Without the below people, the development of Tonics wouldn't have been possible, I am grateful (I would keep it short)...

  • User Documentation

    This user documentation provides a high-level overview of the Tonics CMS and its features. Tonics is a powerful and intuitive content management system designed to simplify the process of creating an

  • Getting Started (Overview and Installation)

    Tonics CMS is a general multi-purpose and highly modular CMS, modules communicate with Events, and building with Modules ensures users only use what they want. Learn More About Its Architecture...

  • Tonics Toc - Table of Content Algorithm

    This is another guide in Tonics Road To Release category, in case you don't know what it is, Tonics is a General Multi-Purpose Modular CMS, you can read more about its Architecture & Features (Qui

  • Conducted Two Experiment

    I have been trying to gauge users interest on this project, so, I conducted two quick experiment. The first one is telling user about the beat selling domain I am building in Tonics and a general adv

  • The Field Module

    In this guide, I would introduce the Field Module which is the engine powering Fields of components in Tonics, let's get to it..