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Hire Me

Hi, my name is Olayemi, some of my geeks call me Devsrealm, choose whatever soothes you. I am an independent software engineer that focuses on not only building something that scales but also spending time understanding the architectural design of any project I am working on, this gives me the benefit of fixing tightly coupled components. 

I do a consultant and I am available for hire.

Stack: PHP, JavaScript, CSS, HTML, SQL, GIT, DevsOp, Mail Server,  Web Hosting, etc.

Here is what I can do for you:

  • Fix flawed architecture
  • Build a Custom Web Application: No matter how complex it sounds, I would get to the bottom of it,  it's fun when things are challenging
  • Architectural Design: I would draft you a clean high-level architectural design with trade-offs if there are any
  • Code Clean Up:  I'll handle not only the modularity aspect, but also ensure core components are decoupled, and reusable
  • Software Consulting
  • If you have some unique problem in your custom CMS or there is a certain feature you want to add to your CMS, I can handle that for you
  • Concurrent and Parallel Applications: I have a ton of experience working with concurrent processes and daemon, I have encountered most foot guns when it comes to interleaving processes (processes running in no order) race conditions & deadlocks and I have solutions for them, and depending on the end goals, I would apply suitable solutions for the given scenario. E.g., using semaphores to synchronize processes.
  • Handling Web Hosting
  • Building Web Hosting Panels
  • Linux Administrator 

Why should you hire me?

  • If you have new problems that are challenging, I would love to get on board to either provide a solution or Demystify the cause, its fun
  • I love coding if I am getting paid (It unlocks my creativity)
  • I built Tonics CMS from the ground up, it is a versatile, highly modular, and adaptable architecture, its unique feature is its event-driven approach, where modules communicate with each other through events, making it easy to develop and customize websites, it also features a daemon that can run batch work not only concurrently (thread-safe guarantee) but can handle millions (Billions if you have the cores and memory) of background processes incredibly fast
  • I love building things that can scale when the needs arise
  • I built TonicsCloud (in progress), which is a cloud platform for deploying any apps or programs, check my Diary section for guides on TonicsCloud
  • I don't joke with efficiency, every ms matters
  • I turn complex code into chunks of simplified modules
  • Security first approach
  • I listen

If you would love to get in contact with me, please send an email to: olayemi@tonics.app or devsrealmer@gmail.com, chat with you soon.