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TonicsAI - Integration of Generative AI (Chat, Image, etc.)

This is another guide in Tonics Road To Release category, in case you don't know what it is, Tonics is a General Multi-Purpose Modular CMS, you can read more about its Architecture & Features (Quick Overview).

In this guide, I would take you on a tour of how the TonicsAI extension works.

TonicsAI Introduction

The TonicsAI extension is an extension that gives users access to generative AI tools directly within the content editor, with this extension, you would be able to generate text, images, and more to come all without leaving the content editor.

Here is a preview of how the extension works:

Currently, the AI is powered by the OpenAI API, which powers the generative capabilities of the extension, however, many more APIs would be integrated aside from OpenAI as long as it improves user productivity.

The good thing about this extension is you can easily generate images and text all while staying within the Tonic CMS environment, you can use it for research while writing content and use it for any generativity without having to jump from one tab to another.

TonicsAI Usage

  • Install It
  • Goto TonicsAI settings or while logged in, replace example.com with your Tonics CMS URL https://example.com/admin/tools/apps/tonics_ai/settings
  • In the future there might be different tabs depending on the API you want to use, for now, OpenAI is the only supported option, so, click the OpenAI tab, and add the Key
  • By default, the chat model is set to gpt-3.5-turbo, change it to whatever you want
  • Enjoy