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Conducted Two Experiment

I have been trying to gauge users' interest in this project, so, I conducted two quick experiments.

The first one is telling users about the beat-selling domain I am building in Tonics and general advice on what they would like to see.

I didn't show any demo in this experiment, just plain words, here is what I noticed:

I notice people are really interested in the project domain, Some people DM'ed me telling me they are really interested even without me showing a demo, this means the beat selling domain part of Tonics would solve a good problem.

The second experiment was just sharing and Introducing the Tonics project in general, what I noticed in this experiment was that people are less interested in the overall project, perhaps, I didn't explain what it solves, the only thing I did here was introducing it as a domain specific CMS.

I came to the conclusion that people are only interested in what Tonics is solving, so, I would spend the rest of the development period working on the domains and getting them ready for use.