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TonicsCloud Update 4: DNS Manager Integration

Here is another update on TonicsCloud progress, this is a short update with a quick demo.

Some of the TonicsCloud components require that you point to the IP address (which can be extracted from the Cloud Instance in our case), however, you would still need to add the IP addresses to the DNS records value, which can be done via your domain registrar.

To make things a bit easier, I have integrated a DNS manager to manage DNS records easily, this way, you manage the records directly from the TonicsCloud interface.

The good thing about this is that other components in TonicsCloud can then integrate with the DNS Manager.

It is Cloud Agnostic, meaning it supports multiple Cloud Providers, e.g. Linode Domain, AWS Route 53, etc, using a common interface (for now, I am only supporting Linode).

I won't keep you waiting, here is a demo:

You can choose to auto-fill the A/AAAA records value by choosing a server instance as long as the A/AAAA records are empty, it would fill it automatically.

My next update which is the 5th update would be about Apps in the container which is done between, but still doing a couple of clean-ups. See ya.

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