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Tonics Acknowledgment

Omo, I suffered. I had to sacrifice a lot of my interest for this project (even projects that are paying me), at some point, things were really hard for me, but that is a story for another day (just wanna hint at the struggle and a bit sigh of relief that I never gave up ).

Without the below people, the development of Tonics wouldn't have been possible, I am grateful (I would keep it short):

  • Dad (Ahmed Olawole Lateef), and Mom (Ahmed Omowunmi):
    Thank you for not getting tired of me borrowing money to buy fuel to power my generator and internet data, coupled with advice to not give up. Both of these people up there are one of the best that has happened to me on Earth, they are like honey to me, thanks dad and mum, I love you both.
  • Lovely Sister (Ahmed Mosunmola): My sister is a very good soul, she one way or the other impacted me positively, She really did try for me and I hope I can pay you back, thanks 🙏.
  • Me (Ahmed Olayemi Faruq):
    For not giving up, would have given up, but I had no alternative even if I wanted to.
  • Wade Striebel (A very good friend):
    I don't know how to thank this brother from another mother, he helped me with he accelerated my understanding of web development, and shared a lot of stuff with me, thank you, brother. 
  • Others: 
    If you have helped me in one way or the other, thank you, and may whatever you believe in bless you.

P.S: Powering of this site (the server) wouldn't have been possible without Wade, he spared his hard earn money to rent a server for me, how else could I say thank you?

In the coming guides, I would be writing about Tonics Features, and hopefully, one or more people might like it., I gat a lot of things to share.

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